Bespoke Voyagers  is a small, specialised tour operator, based in Jersey, The Channel Islands and focus on creating tailor-made holidays across sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and the Indian Ocean using its unique knowledge & expertise.

When it comes to planning a sensational trip there is so much to offer; magical safaris, action packed adventures or secluded and sublime beach retreats – all of which can be blended together to create an unforgettable holiday. Having experienced the journeys, the small aircrafts and the quality of accommodation and game viewing Bespoke Voyagers can tell you what to expect, the best time of year to travel to specific destinations and find the most suitable options.

Our combined passion and expertise will ensure you will get the best holiday suited to you. Our holidays may be life changing- Africa certainly was for us.


Kelly Benitz

Kelly was born in Zambia and Africa is in her blood. With roots from Namaqualand, Southern Rhodesia, Malawi to the Congo, from farming to exploration it is a continent that has captivated her family for more than 4 generations. Her childhood was spent between her education in Scotland and every holiday in Africa. Over 30 years ago, her family set up and runs a leading travel agent and tour operator in Zambia and are a pioneer of tourism in the country. After a number of years living in Spain and in London, her path finally led her to Jersey where she now lives with her family.