The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic سفر (safar) meaning a journey!  And for those fortunate to ever go on one- what a journey! And they say, once you have been to Africa you have it in your blood and the need to return just grows over time- we truly intend to convert everyone and persuade them to go- it is a wonder and privilege to be able to experience Africa and its marvels. Every time will be different and you will never cease learning. It is humbling, magical, awe inspiring and will always take your breath away- we could not put down enough words to describe the feeling.

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We think it is important to understand there are many types of safaris to be had; horseback riding, birding safaris, camel riding, hot air ballooning, kayaking, photography or walking to name a few. You can choose to have your own private guide who will accompany you from lodge to lodge or camp to camp or you can depend on the excellent guides that are based at every lodge. The countries differ widely in their game, cultures and climates.

There are people who have never been on safari and others have been countless times, everyone is looking for something slightly different and we listen and help you choose a holiday that will work for you. Our itineraries are as individual as our clients.

There are a number of different accommodation styles to choose from depending on the experience you wish to have. We have outlined them to give you a better idea.


Luxury Lodges

Lodges are solid structures and are permanent bases and provide extreme comfort and a total retreat of luxury and attentive staff and quality service. They often have facilities such as spa, yoga, private plunge pools or main swimming pool, viewing platforms and stunning decking overlooking the vistas, hidden away waterhole hides and fabulous cuisine allowing you to revel in the atmosphere and enjoy your down time. They offer every level of luxury modern day conveniences such as hairdryers, telephones, air conditioning and wifi. The styles can vary form homely and rustic to cutting edge and contemporary.


Permanent tented camps (Luxury)

To call them tented purely defines that you are under canvas but imagine, the romance of showering under the moonlit skies, sitting around the camp fire listening to the sounds of the bush and recounting the events of the day. siestas spent lying in your super king size beds, relaxing, hidden from the midday heat, whilst being lavished with impeccable service and delicious home cooked food, with homemade bread and cocktails. It is 5 star luxury with all the mod cons of running water and electricity, incongruously combined with the great outdoors.

Mobile Tented and Fly Camps

The beauty of these means you have the ability to travel and stay in the heart of the bush, surrounded by animals in and around the camp 24 hours a day. They are the ‘real adventure’, more basic than lodges or permanent tented camps with no running water or electricity. The camps are set up on a private camp site before your arrival and move every few days to a new area allowing you the chance to explore new terrain. Your amazing team of staff makes the seemingly effortless move from place to place, which you never see- you just come around the corner to the welcoming sight of your tent perched in another idyllic spot with another fabulous view to enjoy with your G&T after a hot ‘bucket’ shower which will be waiting for you. Following a fabulous homemade feast of a three course meal you can sit around the campfire relaying the adventures of the day.


Private House

This is the chance to be in your own private house which is ideal for families of groups of friends

travelling together and to your own rhythm- please see our Private Houses section.

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