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Privacy and Data Protection

We are committed to ensuring that any personal data that is supplied to us is kept up to date and safe. We regularly check our databases to make sure that information that has been supplied to us is up to date and as accurate as possible. We would encourage you to contact us should you wish to amend your details or unsubscribe from any of our communications. To do this, you can reach us at  

Other than specific interactive data collection web pages this website does not store or capture personal information. The server(s) on which this site is hosted utilises a user’s IP address only to deliver the requested pages and collect the following information:

Site performance cookies

Anonymous analytics cookies

Third party advertising cookies

Please see below an explanation for each of these categories.

What is a Cookie?

The term cookie refers to a small text file that is stored by your internet browser on your desktop device or mobile device. These files allow our website to store information on visitors such as pages visited previously or any preferences that have been recorded. This allows the website to recognise you if you decide to re-visit.

Why do we use cookies?

We believe that our website visitors should have a pleasant experience when exploring our site, as a result we use cookies to ensure that users can quickly and efficiently find information that they require.

What if I choose not to use Cookies?

It is entirely the users’ decision to accept cookies when visiting a website, and as such it is very simple to change preferences relating to them. If the user chooses not to use cookies, then the performance of the website may alter along with the user experience. If you revisit the site, then you will be reminded that the site uses cookies again.

Site Performance Cookies

Site performance cookies allow the website to remember any preferences for a tool that a visitor uses whilst using the website. This means that you do not have to re-set your preferences each time you visit.

Anonymous Analytics Cookies

Whenever a visitor arrives at our website, a program records an anonymous analytics cookie which can tell if the visitor has arrived at the website previously. Your web browser will tell you if you have these cookies. If not, we will generate new ones.

These cookies allow us to track how many users we have on an individual basis and how often they visit the website.

These cookies are only used to records statistical information such as page visits, or time spent on a page.

Third Party Advertising Cookies

Some organisations use anonymous cookies to see how many people have viewed an advert once or more than once on a website. A company that generates these cookies will have their own privacy policies which mean we have no access to read or write the cookies that they place on our website. These companies may use cookies to anonymously target you for advertising on other websites based on visits made to our website.